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The one-way pressure-relief valve for long-term freshness protection

A wide variety of foods, including coffee and raw sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is, where our development the WICOVALVE® one-way valve literally provides relief. Designed for many different applications, our pre-made pouches, lidding films, and precut lids in various shapes and sizes are often fitted with WICOVALVE® valves as well.

WICOVALVE® valves for heat-sealing (I)

WICOVALVE® valves for heat-sealing (I) are available for different applications as coffee, dough, Sauerkraut, microwaveable food aso.
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WICOVALVE® valves for heat-sealing (II)

WICOVALVE® valves for heat-sealing (II) are available for coffee and dough. The range of valves has been complemented with the biocompostible W606E.
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WICOVALVE® valves for ultrasonic welding (III)

WICOVALVE® valves for ultrasonic sealing are made of polyethylene. They are available for bean coffee, ground coffee, and yeast dough.
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High-end laminate range

We offer a broad range of laminates for different segments. Depending on the product, various laminates can be combined.
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WICOSEAL® pouch range

Every year, with 10 pouch machines, Wipf AG produces up to 700 million side-sealed, stand-up, five-seam or gusset bags in many different shapes and formats.
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Convenience features

Depending on requirements, the packaging is enhanced with laser perforation, starter notches, easy-peel openings, zippers, valves, or integrated spouts.
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