Dream Steam®

The steamer for the microwave oven

More and more restaurants, caterers, and private households are discovering the Advantages of the patented Dream Steam System as a pressure cooker for the microwave oven. It allows complete meals in portion trays or pouches to be prepared quickly and conveniently.

The WICOVALVE® integrated in the system allows the respiration gases generated between the packaging and consumption dates to escape. But at the same time, it prevents the ingress of oxygen that would rapidly degrade the raw products. On the other hand, it regulates the pressure that builds up inside the packaging while the meal is being cooked in the microwave oven. This steam-pressure control mechanism keeps the cooking temperature constant. This is required to assure that the individual ingredients will all be cooked to perfection concurrently.

The valve membrane is automatically destroyed after the cooking process has ended. This prevents the deformation of the tray as it cools.