Project with Lake Side school

Flexible monomaterial laminates

At first sight, the method is surprisingly simple. Opting for only one ecological material allows selective sorting and optimal recycling. Sounds good, and can certainly be implemented with flexible packaging.
Not least, the list of priorities is headed up with the need for ecologically compatible recycling. Without optimised sorting, all of the effort invested in the last step of the full-circle recycling is lost. This is precisely where flexible monomaterial packaging comes into play: it represents a big step toward a sustainable circular flow economy.

For certain products, we therefore recommend the use of flexible monomaterial laminates. Instead of working with laminates composed of different materials – such as PET/ALU/PE – the selection of only one laminate material is possible and meaningful.

We can produce laminates based on monomaterial PP, with or without barriers, that are easier to recycle. In view of the new packaging legislation, this option is certainly a great alternative to conventional laminate materials.