Sealing process

How the valves are integrated

Depending on the packaging process, degassing valves are applied with thermal or ultrasonic sealing. To assure optimized valve functionality, the WICOVALVE® overpressure valve is sealed on the inside of the laminate. The valve body will adhere to the sealing medium of the film, either on polythylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or Ecovio® (bio compostable material). The choice of valve has also an impact on the design of the production equipment.  


All deflection rollers as well as the forming shoulder and the filling tube must be recessed at the valve position to prevent the valves from being torn off. Additionally, the parallelism oh the seal tooling must be adjustable on the machine. To guarantee optimized degassing, we recommend puching a hole or a cross slot in the fim.

Upgrading existing equipment

If you have a packaging line that is already equipped with a valve-sealing station or a system that was not originally designed for this application, we would be pleased to help you with information regarding upgrade or modification options for your machines.