The easy route to aroma protection

The proprietary WICOVALVE® aroma-protection/pressure-relief valve developed by Wipf was originally designed for coffee. During the past years, this valve technology has been refined and modified for many new applications. Today, it allows fresh, preservative-free foods such as doughs and soy products or microwaveable convenience meals to be presented in packages with valves.


Freshly roasted coffee generates CO2 in the packaging. The WICOVALVE® valve allows the gas to escape but prevents the ingress of oxygen and water vapour.
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The yeast fungi contained in the dough generate gases and thus cause the dough to rise. The WICOVALVE® valve lässt allows the gases to escape.
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Dream Steam®

The patented Dream Steam® system is the pressure cooker for the microwave oven. The WICOVALVE® integrated assures freshness protection. It also regulates the pressure that builds up while the food is being microwaved.
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Dry pourables

A certain amount of air is usually trapped after products are packaged in large size bags. The use of our WICOVALVE® vent valves enhances on-pallet stability and optimizes the storability of the pouches.
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