Inert-gas packaging for coffee

Freshly roasted bean coffee generates gas – mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) – which in terms of volume corresponds to about twice the size of the beans. In the interest of an extended shelf life, the roasted coffee must be protected against aroma loss as well as exposure to oxygen, water vapour, and light. This protective function is assured by Wipf laminate films with barrier layers: POLIALUVEL® and POLIVEL® for vacuum and inert-gas packaging.

To achieve an optimum shelf life of 12 to 24 months, we recommend that the coffee be filled into the WICOVALVE® package immediately after roasting. Then, the oxygen can be removed by evacuation and/or subsequent N2 or CO2 gas flushing. This is important because even small amounts of oxygen can result in quality degradation.

The WICOVALVE® valve can be sealed into prefabricated gusset or stand-up pouches or integrated into the packaging process in automatic form-fill-seal machines.

The WICOVALVE® valve is also suitable for ground coffee. For this application, it is fitted with a special filter.

Bio valve for coffee packaging

The WICOVALVE® W606E was developed especially for the coffee industry and can be composted pursuant to industrial standard EN 13432 in combination with biodegradable laminates. The extensive range of valves has now been ideally complemented with the biocompostible W606E. It is based on the highly popular W606 coffee valve and is designed for heat-sealing. In combination with bio compostible laminate materials, the coffee roaster can now offer a packaging system that is totally biodegradable and provides optimized protection of whole-bean coffee against aroma loss.

Coffee packaging stirs emotions

LOBODIS developed a novel design concept for its 250-gram coffee packs. The exquisite coffee varieties are packaged in a three-ply peelable POLIALUVEL® laminate. The film, specially developed by Wipf, assures optimum protection of the ground coffee against aroma loss, oxidation, dehydration, and extrinsic odours. The integrated WICOVALVE® aroma-protection/pressure-relief valve provides additional protection. It allows the gas generated by the coffee to escape from the packaging but prevents oxygen ingress.