Functional principle

Extended aroma protection guaranteed

The one-way WICOVALVE® pressure-relief valve complies with the highest requirements imposed by modern packaging technology. It was originally developed for coffee, a sophisticated product. An absolutely gas-tight package (oxygen and water vapour) package for coffee beans is possible only with a valve. It extended the shelf life of bean coffee from a few weeks to at least two years.

The functionality of the WICOVALVE® valve is assured even under the most challenging stresses. During the life cycle of a coffee package, the valve must open and reclose thousands of times without allowing oxygen to diffuse back into the pack. After the pressure has been equalized, the WICOVALVE® valve tightly seals the product and preserves its aroma over a long period of time.

In the course of the past years, the valve technology has been repeatedly adapted for new applications. This now makes it possible to market fresh, untreated products in packaging that fulfils the requirements of modern logistics as well as the expectations of consumers.

The WICOVALVE® technology covers further applications for gas-generating products such as sauerkraut, fresh convenience meals, cheese, doughs, soy, mushrooms, etc.