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19.09.2016 12:42
The PAPER LOOK debuts: flexible packaging goes natural
19 September 2016

PAPER LOOK designates a new paper-like packaging that feels like paper but addresses health and convenience trends while complying with stringent requirements as regards hygiene, protection, longevity, logistics, and ecological soundness. PAPER LOOK is a true alternative to classic paper packaging. Wipf AG is presenting the first PAPER LOOK packaging concepts at FachPack 2016

19.09.2016 12:42
10.06.2016 15:34
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10 June 2016

In the past years, Wipf AG has repeatedly chosen a fast-track path, as regards both investments (see the article on capacity expansion) and technologies. Our confidence in our underlying values and the traditional long-term perspective of the Wipf family have given us opportunities with respect to investments and process optimization to commit to a large and  certainly also courageous step.

10.06.2016 15:34
30.05.2016 13:30
Wipf AG produces the first coffee capsule lid film for the Turkish market
30 May 2016

Mokka, a Turkish enterprise, is entering the capsule business. It intends to energetically invigorate the domestic market. The perspectives are promising, because in Turkey, the capsule market is still in flux. Wipf AG is producing the lid films for six coffee capsule varieties for the first time.

30.05.2016 13:30